About Needempty - Toner Recycling and Buyback

NEEDEMPTY is one of the industry’s largest suppliers of empty toner and empty ink cartridges. If you are a remanufacturer or a broker looking for quality empty ink cartridges and empty toner, there is no need to look elsewhere! We also offer an ink and toner recycling program.

We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, courteous customer service and professional, yet friendly service; all while supplying superior quality printing products to our valued customers.

1. We buy your empty cartridges and empty toner

Modern technology has greatly contributed to scientific and technological progress. With it, we can save lives, communicate with our loved ones around the world and even explore outer space.

Unfortunately, this technological progress has a significant ecological impact. Millions of tons of toxic waste are produced each year, such as televisions, computers and even ink cartridges. A sad reality, yet all this waste can actually be recycled! Our toner recycling program is our contribution to the reduction of these ecological impacts.

To help reduce our environmental footprint, NEEDEMPTY offers a program to redeem your empty ink cartridges. In fact, we not only recycle your empty ink cartridges, we pay you to send them in for recycling.

Together we can work to improve our environment and ensure that we leave a healthy planet for generations to come.

2. We sell empty cartridges and empty toner

Thanks to our empty ink cartridge recovery program, we provide companies specialized in recharging or refilling ink cartridges, high quality products at low cost, whilst giving a them a second life.

Acting as an intermediary between consumers and businesses, we ensure that these products are not found in landfills, poisoning our planet. All of our cartridges are inspected to make sure they're in good condition.

In addition, our competitive prices enable these businesses to save on production costs, and therefore provide consumers with newly-refurbished ink cartridges at discount prices.

3. We are a surplus ink and toner buyer

You paid a considerable amount of money for your surplus toner and ink cartridges, now they are no longer useful to you. Why not get cash back for these surplus cartridges that are cluttering up your warehouse?

Converting these cartridges into cash instead of letting them diminish in value and collect dust on a self is a smart and simple financial move. We pay for shipping and ensure the process is as easy as possible for you.

Make the sensible choice; don’t let your unused toner and ink cartridges go to waste. Get surplus toner cash back now!

NEEDEMPTY is your all-in-one stop for all of your printing supplies!