Shipping - How Do I Send You My Cartridges?

All of the cartridges we receive are required to pass a thorough inspection process to ensure proper functioning. Any cartridges that do not pass this inspection will be deducted from your original quoted total.  We will then recycle those cartridges or, at your request, send them back to you, in which case, you will have to pay return shipping.

Damage is sometimes caused by improper packing or shipping procedures, please refer to the instuctions below on how to send your cartridges to sell or recycle them. These simple steps will ensure that your items get to us in perfect condition adn that you get paid for each and every one of them.


Place the cartridges in their original retail boxes or in a corrugated cardboard box. You should include a protective layer between each cartridge, which will protect individual cartridges from damage caused by friction and excessive movement during transport. The box contents should not rattle around when the box is shaken!


Be sure to include a description on each box outlining:
Order Number, Quantity, Supplier Name and a brief product description.

Please include a detailed packing slip in at least one of the boxes.

If your shipment requires a pallet, its total height must not exceed 2.5 meters, or 6 feet.

The boxes must be secured to the pallet using shrink-wrap to avoid tipping during transport


Place our pre-paid shipping label on the outside of your box.

American* and Canadian customers will receive free shipping**. Our valued international customers are responsible for shipping costs.

*Contiguous United States only.

** Orders of 150USD or more