Change in Ownership of NeedEmpty

On behalf of the entire team at NEEDEMPTY, I am pleased to advise you today of a major transition taking place at our company. Until now, NEEDEMPTY has been the property of two shareholders. As the result of an acquisition, I am becoming the sole owner of the company. This carefully planned transition marks the beginning of a new phase. It will also see the departure of your current collaborator and my former co-founder, Jonathan Quevillon (you may also know him as John Dion).

matthieu laroche NEEDEMPTY ownerJonathan and I jointly launched the company in 2006 during our engineering studies, and together we developed the business you know and collaborate with today.

We will ensure that the transition is a seamless one for you. This announcement will have no impact on our usual collaboration, and in fact, our service offering will be improved as a result. Many promising projects are on the horizon for NEEDEMPTY, and I look forward to sharing our new vision with you. I will be updating you on these upcoming initiatives in a timely manner.

Because I will replace Jonathan in his functions, I will now be your main contact. However, our team will remain in place to work with your usual representative. If you wish, we can schedule a phone call to enable you to get to know me better and discuss your expectations of our organization.

NEEDEMPTY is one of the industry’s largest suppliers of empty ink cartridges, and we are focused on remaining so. Through our collection efforts, we have on hand an inventory of more than 900,000 empty cartridges, corresponding to almost 850 different printer models (the ink jet and toner). In 2016, NEEDEMPTY handled two million empty ink cartridges.

All of our employees remain committed to providing you with exemplary service to ensure you always have the ink supplies you need. We are now in the best possible position to pursue our growth objectives and improve our processes in order to keep pace with your requirements.

As always, our employees and I are available to respond to your queries and concerns. We enthusiastically look forward to continuing to collaborate with you and strengthening our business relationship in the years to come!

Yours sincerely,

Matthieu Laroche, B.Eng.