FAQ - How and Where to Recycle Cartridges

Q: Where to recyle empty inkjet and toner cartridges?

A: We offer a recycling service; we'll even to pay you to send us your used printer cartridges. We even pay for shipping to make it as easy as possible to recycle and be eco-friendly. Once you have at least 50 toner cartridges or 100 virgin inkjets, simply contact us or fill out our "Sell Empty Cartridges" form. We'll contact you to arrange the transaction as fast as possible.

Q: Why recycle used Inkjet cartridges?

A: The environmental impact of improper disposal of ink cartridges is horrifying! Each year over 350 million cartridges are disposed in landfills. Each of these cartridges amounts to about 3.5 pounds of solid waste sitting in these landfills, taking from 450 to 1000 years to decompose.

Do your part to help the environment! In just 12 months, recycling cartridges could save 15 million litters of oil, not to mention reducing GHGs (green house gases) emissions and saving you money!

Q: Do you accept expired OEM or unused cartridges?

A: Absolutely! As long as they're genuine, unused and that no toner or ink has leaked, we'll take them. Please see our Surplus Ink and Toner Cartridges section for details.

Q: Do you accept compatible or refurbished empty cartridges?

A: No. We only accept genuine virgin empties (see below for an explanation of Virgrin vs Non-Virgin cartridge).

Please note: All cartridges must pass a thorough examination, otherwise they will be rejected.

Q: What is the difference between a Virgin and a Non-Virgin Cartridge?

A: Virgin Cartridges are empty inkjet or toner cartridges that have never been refilled or tampered with.

Non-Virgin cartridges have been refilled, either by a manufacturer or an amateur.

Please note: we only accept Virgin cartridges.

Q: What are your payment methods?

A: We use PayPal, but we can also arrange to pay by cheque if you prefer. Just let us know beforehand.

Please allow up to 20 days after receiving your items for proper inspection and analysis. We'll send payment as soon as we're done inspecting your shipment.

Q: What happens to the rejected cartridges that do not pass inspection?

A: In the case of a rejected cartridge, we offer 2 option: we can either properly dispose of the cartridge by sending it in for recycling or, if you wish, send it back to you, in which case you're responsible for return shipping. The rejected cartridges will, of course, be deducted from the initial quoted amount.

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?

A: Yes. We ensure the fastest and most efficient delivery to our customers worldwide.

Q: As a seller, am i responsible for shipping costs?

A: We offer FREE SHIPPING to our American* and Canadian sellers! We do this in order to enhance the appeal of this environmentally friendly service and to ensure a hassle-free transaction. We supply a pre-paid shipping label to our sellers. Please consult Shipping instructions page for more information.

*Contiguous United States only!

Q: As a seller, how do I pack my cartridges for shipping?

A: Please refer to our page on how to prepare cartridges for shipping for details.

Q: What happens if my cartridge is rejected due to damage during shipping?

A: We will inspect the cause of the damage. If we conclude that the damage is due to improper packing (see above for details), we'll ecologically dispose of the damaged items and deduct them from the quoted amount. On the other hand, if we see that the fault lies with the shipping company, we will file a freight claim and you will not be penalized.

Q: Why should i read the Terms and Conditions section before purchasing?

A: Though we have a standard legal Terms and Conditions policy, it's important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a customer of NEEDEMPTY.