Protect The Environment: Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

Protect the Environment - Recycle Empty Cartridge

Empty cartridges and empty toners are an ecological nightmare!

Worldwide, up to 350 million empty inkjet cartridges are sent to landfills each year. Only 10% of post-consumed empty cartridges are being reused, refilled, or disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner. Each empty cartridge amounts to approximately 3.5 pounds of solid waste in these landfills.The plastics used in these cartridges require 90ml of oil to produce and can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

In order to do our part to protect the environment, we collect empty cartridges and empty toners from individuals, companies, universities, colleges, schools and government departments in Europe and in North America. These cartridges are then reused or recycled.

Every gesture counts large or small. If you have empty cartridges and empty toner and don’t know how to dispose of them, let NEEDEMPTY solve your problem in an eco-friendly manner.

Make the responsible choice and let NEEDEMPTY help you recycle your ink cartridges to save the environment, one empty cartridge at a time!