Sell your surplus ink cartridges

NEEDEMPTY is also a toner & ink cartridge buyer. If you have genuine and unused printer cartridges, we will buy them! If you find yourself with unused ink after upgrading or replacing a printer; don't throw them away, sell us your surplus ink & toner. We'll even send you prepaid shipping labels!

We specialize in buying your surplus, overstock and unused toner and ink cartridges.

Fill out the simple form below and we will send you an offer. No commitment, no hassle, simply peace of mind and get cash back for your toner and ink cartridges.

Simply select the Type, Brand, Model and Quantity for each cartridg along with the condition of the box.

We offer FREE SHIPPING! It's as simple as 1 2 3: put the PO in the box with the cartridge, attach the pre-paid label to the outside of the box and ship it. We'll pay you as soon as we receive and inspect your cartridges.


Please send us an email including the Excel template, listing all the products you are offering to sell.


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Please note that if the box is missing, the inner bag must be sealed and the cartridge must have the pull-tab on it.

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