Church Fundraising Ideas

Most people are not aware that there is a profit to be made in selling empty ink & toner cartridges. It can be a lucrative endeavor for your church.

Collect empty printer cartridges as well as surplus ink & toner cartridges that you or church attendees would otherwise be throwing to the garbage and turn them into cash to fund your church activities.

How to get started in church fundraising

  1. Designate a drop off location at your church.
  2. Notify church attendees and our community of the fundraising campaign with the help of the resource kit below.
  3. Get a free quote by filling up our form to sell your empty cartridges or your surplus cartridges.
  4. Send them to us and we’ll inspect and pay youaccordingly.

Let your imagination guide you when deciding on how or where to collect empty cartridges. Keep in mind that they are everywhere. The more you collect, the more you are able to do for your church.

Resource Kit for church fundraising

Here is the email template to let your entourage know about your fundraising program:

An estimated 375 million empty ink cartridges and toners are dumped in landfills every year in the United States and Canada. These cartridges are poisoning the earth by leaking toxic residue into the soil, our water supplies and oceans resulting in huge negative impact on the environment.

It also takes thousands of years for the plastics used in these cartridges to fully decompose, causing a growing concern on how to store all of this waste.

We’ll take care of sending them back to to be recycled by NeedEmpty.

If you have any questions please feel free to call at [Organization Phone Number]. Your contribution will help us, our community and the environment one cartridge at a time!

Best Regards,

Download the Letter Template