School Fundraising Ideas

Provide better learning environment, finance school activities and set-up special project by collecting empty cartridge at your school. This program allows you to raise money as well as doing your part to protect the environment.

How to get started:

  1. Designate a drop off location at your school.
  2. Notify your community of your fundraiser.
    • Let your friend, family, parent, teachers and neighborhood know that you are collecting empty cartridge as a fundraiser by sending them an email or a letter.
    • Ask local businesses like law firms, hospitals and Real Estate company to donate empty cartridge to your school.
    • Collect empty cartridge from IT department, Computer Lab, Front office

    Let your imagination guide you when deciding on how or where to collect empty cartridge. Keep in mind that they are everywhere. The more you collect, the more you are able to raise funds for your school.

  3. Get a free quote by filling up our selling form at Sell your empty cartridge.
  4. Send them to us and we’ll inspect and pay accordingly.